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Computer problems? We can help. From email issues to virus removal, system maintenance to data backup, we provide fast, professional, and reliable computer solutions. We are local business offering personalized service and specializing in all the technical needs of businesses and residential clients.


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Laptop apgrade:

  • Memory (Some laptop)Yes
  • Processor (Some laptop)Yes
  • Video card (Some laptop)Yes
  • Hard driveYes
  • Modem or network cardYes

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Host Plan

  • Memory (Some laptop)Yes
  • Processor (Some laptop)Yes
  • Video card (Some laptop)Yes
  • Hard driveYes
  • Modem or network cardYes

Mac computers

  • MacBook Pro Yes
  • MacBookYes
  • MacBook AirYes
  • Mac miniYes
  • PowerBook G4Yes
  • iBook G4Yes
  • iMacYes
  • Mac ProYes

Hard drives, Power supplys, Memory, Software Update system
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Network Services

  • Live Remote Assistance
  • Remotely Computer Diagnostics
  • Firewall Monitoring and Maintenanc
  • Maintenance and PC support

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